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Through environmental, social and economic integrated assessments, thematic analysis and advisory services, Geo-Sys help to manage and preserve natural resources thereby improving livelihoods of the poorest, while assuring the best interests of projects towards consolidating the future of development or economic activities.

Geo-Sys follow a methodological process that is based on consultation, participation and assistance in implementation to assure good coordination and involvement of all identified stakeholders. Geo-Sys delivers information and reports in accordance with standards and guidelines set down by national and international agencies, ensuring satisfactory outcomes for all concerned.

  • Hydrological and Water Quality Monitoring, Analysis and Modelling
  • Meteorological Monitoring, Analysis and Modelling
  • Installation and Operation of Hydro-Met auditing and monitoring equipment, including associated data Analysis and Presentation
  • Geological and Pedological Survey and Mapping
  • Water, Air and Soil Pollution Monitoring and Remedy Techniques Design
  • Socio-Economic and Assets Baseline Survey Techniques, and Analysis at micro and macro levels
  • Socio-Economic Indicators Design and Monitoring
  • Public Participation and Disclosure Methodology along with rapid rural appraisal and participatory rural appraisal (RRA/PRA)
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Environment and of Development Projects including Strategic Risk Assessment
  • Resettlement, Compensation, Valuation and Implementation Plan Design
  • Environmental Policies Assessment and Development, including Action Plans Agenda 21, charters, eco-labelling strategy and eco-products market positioning
  • Agriculture, Forestry, Energy, Tourism, Transport, and other sectors integrated assessment
  • Flora and Fauna Taxa Survey
  • Fauna and Flora Populations and Communities Dynamics Monitoring and Analysis
  • Vegetation Structure Survey
  • Phytosociological Survey and Analysis
  • Bio-Indicators Design and Monitoring in relation with biodiversity challenges and in relation with target ecosystems
  • Landscape Ecology and Connectivity Analysis
  • Landscape and Watershed Management
  • Use of ArcGIS, MapInfo and IDRISI
  • Database Design and Management
  • Remote Sensing (aerial photography and satellite photography)
  • Ground Truthing Techniques
  • Cartographic Survey, Cartographic Representation and Mapping Techniques
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